As a leader and business owner don’t you find that getting ahead in your field is a time intensive, often costly pursuit?

As a leader and business owner don’t you find that getting ahead in your field is a time intensive, often costly pursuit?

We require knowledge, a test and measure approach, personal and team training.

To get ahead, learn the strengths AND weaknesses in yourself and your team and develop solutions, to really maximise your business… that can take weeks, months or years. Maybe you never get there… you’re just too busy!

Why Not Fast Track Everything?

When I say everything, I mean it!

I’m speaking of yourself, your team, your personal life, your kids and your customer relationships, your success and understanding of the bottom line.


You may be familiar with attending a personal development workshop and leaving with just a couple of tips amongst the ‘blah blah’ and ‘rah rah’ after a whole day or weekend.

There’s always work to do and in getting back to your business you run out of time, intention and energy to implement them.

Sometimes it’s all just a sales pitch and you learn nothing.

So maybe you invest in skills training for your team, bring in an expert trainer and spend thousands and what really changes? Often, NOT ENOUGH.

Let’s face it, learning in business for yourself and your team often comes at a high cost. Time, money and opportunity are burned in the pursuit of the best way to solve your client’s problems.

Most business owners don’t know the short cuts, make mistakes and wear the cost. It’s easy to lose thousands of $$$ of business while you’re getting it right.

Imagine for a minute you could be immersed in a masterful leadership weekend allowing you to learn about yourself and leading your team in a safe environment.

In a relatively short space of time you experience several high-pressure games that are suitable for you, your family and your colleagues. You’ll even have a lot of FUN learning valuable lessons about your strengths and weaknesses in business and in life.

These lessons translate very quickly into real wins for you in business.


As an entrepreneur, Clinton Swaine understands the principles of successful business and exactly what it takes to be extremely successful. He has worked in and consulted with hundreds of industries all around the world. Clinton decided to focus on Frontier Trainings so that he could influence his own company as well as those of other entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires.

Imagine being a billionaire who finds he’s making the same mistakes in our game that lost him $5,000,000,000 in real life. YES $5 Billion dollars!

Yet this time, he’s safe and with mentoring he learns the lesson. One Billionaire did exactly that and went on to rebuild his fortune after attending Play to Win.

Sound amazing? Let me tell you a secret…

The main distinctions required to be successful in business are AVAILABLE and EASY to LEARN.

Success is a consequence of knowledge and application.

The opportunity to learn and experience how to apply them in just ONE weekend (click to register link) is exclusive to Frontier Trainings.

Clinton’s unique experiential suite of games brings those lessons home in a way that is unique, life affirming and transformational.

This is the essence of Play to Win.

Imagine yourself immersed deeply in life changing business scenarios. With this knowledge how could you change your appearance, your team, your systems, your words, your demeanor to match your target audience?

Imagine being Lord or Lady of your own kingdom and learning how you will motivate and develop your team to achieve your commitment to the realm.

Now play that out with your staff and family… being able to see your child step up in ways you couldn’t imagine and become more accountable in just 3 days.

My son was 12 when he first did Play to Win in 2016. I was amazed to see him lead a team successfully for the first time. He confidently made tough decisions and managed adults without my guidance in a safe environment guided by the game.

Since Play to Win I can see the lessons he learned translate into accountability, better planning and more trustworthy behaviour. Now he understands some of my harder decisions when I say ‘No’ and he knows that you have to work towards goals step by step and he’s applying this successfully in life.

Most recently, he stepped up at school, being voted SRC (School Representative) of his class, something I can’t imagine him doing prior to Play to Win.
Emma Sidney 
Digital Copywriter

Over three days of family friendly FUN successful business principles are learned in a deeply effective way.

How can you value this course? The Billionaire gained understanding that allowed him to create a lasting change in his mindset and contributed to recovery of his fortune.

Play to Win runs in several countries, alongside Frontier Trainings Advanced Course programs specializing in Sales, Teamwork, Communication etc. The course is valued at: $1495 USD and runs in several countries around the globe.

The actual cost to you is NIL.

If you own a business, lead a team, or need yourself or your children to step confidently into the realm of leadership, we guarantee that your time and energy will result in transferable knowledge and application from this one weekend.

The real value is only limited by your participation and willingness to play full out.

Join us today and learn how to
Play to Win...