What people are saying about Frontier Trainings…


_IGP1108“Wow! It is hard to describe the incredible impact that Circle of Champions is already having on my training and my business. I am an athlete who has competed internationally holding multiple world titles for 13 years, and I know a lot about elite performance. This course blew me away with so many new lessons, distinctions and insights and I have been able to apply so many of them to my real training. If you want to be an elite performer in business and in life then you need to attend Circle of Champions!” – Hayley Carr

“Since taking Sales Explosion with Frontier, I have applied my new sales techniques and closed my very first pre-sale contract for the entire year with two companies simultaneously. I am now earning an income that exceeds the level of an employee while putting in 50% of the work hours! A large part of these amazing wins comes down to my personal and professional growth with Frontier Trainings. -Taymour Miri

“My business partner and I attended Power Play and have since revolutionized our business. We work specifically with youth and the ability to engage while educating is a key element to success. Learning to create games was the missing piece and after working with Clinton to create our first game, the feedback has been humbling and inspiring. Even weeks after we’ve left the classroom, kids are still talking about the games and repeating principles they learned. With this success, we have now started getting offers to work in the corporate environment. We now have seven completed games with six more in development stage. Thank you Clinton for an amazing course, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to add a different edge to his or her training.” -Trudi Pavlovsky
“I was ‘practicing’ to become a speaker for a couple years before I attended Dynamic Impact. I saw Clinton speak at an event and thought “I need to learn to speak like that.” Dynamic Impact opened up a world of possibilities for me and taught me about “training” to become a masterful speaker vs practicing to be a mediocre speaker. With- in one month of attending the course I placed second in a District level Toastmasters Speech contest and recently spoke to a group of 1,000 people with 3 standing ovations. Dynamic Impact made a significant positive impact on my speaking and my life.” – Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
“I began working with Frontier Trainings 18 months ago. During that time our business has moved from a small land investment business to winner of one of the global property development industry’s leading international awards. The tools they teach work directly in the real world, the support the company offers is unparalleled and the quality of my fellow students means I am surrounded by high caliber business owners going places. I look forward to even further growth in the coming years.” -Richard Cash
“Since taking Sales Explosion, I have won a Prize in the Cannes Film Festival Pitching Contest, was able to raise £100k in one phone call and created an investment & casting frenzy unheard of for a film debut. The film’s budget went up from £250k to £1m as I have been drawing resources like a magnet. I am now actively involved with local and national government projects, book publishers and top level charities. This is all result of taking the tools from the training room and applying them to create the life of my dreams. I would not be where I am if it was not for Frontier Trainings!” – Zuzana Jochman
“I Just gave a business presentation I created during Sales Mastery to a group of about 40 business people and totally rocked it!! I closed at least 75% of the room, and a received a ton of compliments!” – Jason West
“Sales Mastery was an incredible course. I have been in sales for 30 years and this course made me realize the importance of focused action and showed me how to overcome any objection with grace. At the same time, it highlighted my weaknesses and showed me where I need to improve to capitalize on all the opportunities in front of me. Thank you for holding me to excellence.” – Paul Schumann